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Welcome To Jamaican Jerk & BBQ Resturant

Jamaican Jerk & BBQ started from an insatiable desire to share the culture of the beautiful island of Jamaica. We believe we are a true representation of the tastes and flavours of the Caribbean and especially Jamaica. At Jamaican Jerk & BBQ we aim for the full island experience, through your tastebuds, the ambiance and the service flair of the tropics. We are passionate about brand Jamaica and how well we showcase the island’s pride through our food and culture. We are keen on authenticity and attentive to details without overlooking, diminishing or taking shortcuts to providing the best experience for our guests through the dining experience or catered events. We are a team of food lovers who wants to share that same passion with every guest that will walk through our doors. We look forward to serving you a plate of ‘ IRIE-NESS’..


Ackee & Saltfish

The National dish of Jamaica. Salted Codfish sauteed with Ackee, onions, tomato and scotch bonnet pepper. A local favourite that keeps our culture alive.


Authentic Curried Mutton

Tender pieces of Mutton seasoned to perfection then cooked in garlic, thyme, escallion and East Indian curry


Boston Style Jerked Chicken

Passed down from our ancestors, the classic jerk marinade is a win win for this slow cooked Chicken


Home Run Braised Oxtail & Beans

Our all time favourite! Slow braised tender Oxtails simmered in its own juices and lima beans. Staying true to our roots this meals brings you to the islands


Hellshire Style Escoveitched Fish

Whole Snapper fried and covered with a tangy escoveitch sauce.


Sticky Wicky Honey BBQ Ribs

Fall-off-the-bone tender ribs grilled in our signature housemade honey BBQ Jerk sauce. This sticky and savoury rack of ribs will leave you asking for more.

Hours of Operation


11:00am – 10:00pm

4611 N. Peoria Street, Denver, Colorado 80239


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